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How to transfer files using SCP command

A practical explanation with examples on how to use secure copy protocol (scp) command to transfer files and directories from one host to another.

Renewing Kubernetes certificates

It has been a year since you initialised your cluster and suddenly things stopped working. Chances are, you only need to renew your certificates.

Linux Interfaces

There are two main ways of interacting with Linux OS, the terminal and GUI. Find out their differences and which you should be using.

The Linux Kernel

The Kernel is not something that most users would interact with, yet it's the most essential component of a computer. Find out why.

Recovering an old Docker registry

If you have a private Docker registry that you are unable to run, here are the steps I took to recover images from it.

How computers work

Computers are not always as we think they are. They come in various shapes and sizes, many of which are monitor- and keyboard-less. So what makes a computer?

What is Linux?

Like any other OS in the market, the Linux system forms the core of computers, bridging the hardware and user interactions - and it’s free.

Agile, are we truly?

Agile ceremonies can be taxing and even counterproductive. Take a glimpse at how we do it, learning from one of our favourite tech brands, Apple.

Blockchain - The Basics

A refreshing take on blockchain fundamentals, where we are now, and what we can anticipate in future iterations.

The 10 Hungry Monkeys

Culture and traditions run deep in every organisation. Many argue if they should stay or go, but the more important question is why do we do what we do?

What you should know before creating an app

A quick checklist for developers who are looking to create an app. Knowing what to expect helps you plan ahead and avoid potential problems.

The Agile Mindset

Agile is a household name in tech but its implementation is not always successful. Here, we share why and how you can work towards the ideal state.

How software engineers spend their time

This article explores the emotion curve of software engineers to help other parts of the organisation work better with them to achieve a common goal.

How to set your team’s KPI

Good KPIs must be relevant, focused, and measurable. Here, I share my simple framework to arrive at these goals for everyone in the team.

Work from home better during the lockdown

We used to love the idea of working from home but this has quickly changed during the pandemic. Here are some practical suggestions to help you thrive.

Five signs your employee will resign soon

Resignations can come as a surprise to any manager and sometimes disrupt businesses. Here’s how to stay ahead so you can act before it’s too late.

Understand IT in 15 minutes

For non-programmers, this topic can seem intimidating but it shouldn’t have to. To know why, here is a brief explanation of IT using basic mathematics.

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