About This Blog

Hi There!

We are tech enthusiasts based in Malaysia, who are on a mission to make life in tech fun again.

Nothing grinds our gears more than project managers who misuse Agile, SCRUM or KanBan on engineers simply because they ‘believe in the process’. They are the cause of our sleepless nights and inability to find simple joy in work. While they may be great at other things, micro-managing programmers with a strict checklist is just not one of them.

Here, we recognise the thought process behind the different types of frameworks before applying appropriate practices for our context. That way, we ensure that we take only what is needed to get a self-organising team up. These are frameworks after all, not commandments.

Time should not be squandered on meetings that could have been an email or updating essentially redundant task boards or having to repeat yourself over and over again in stand-ups, meetings, chat groups and emails.

In this blog, we explore ways to make better use of our time to build and maintain software products, innovate, and manage the dynamo team behind them.

Our approach is quite simple:

Good tech → less tech debt → better innovation → better CX → happier customers → happier leadership → happier people (a little reductive but you get the point).

Our Values

  • 1. The A-Team

    Work is taken, not given in a self-organising and trusting team.

  • 2. Collaboration

    The work of one team with another should fit like pieces of a puzzle, no gaps or overlaps.

  • 3. Simplicity

    The last place we want complexity is internally, whether it's in our code or processes.

  • 4. Communication

    Open communication begins with psychological safety and transparency.

  • 5. Feedback

    We're all for improving the way we work and interact with each other.

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